Boris Johnson takes flight with donor who branded Theresa May a 'mad cow'

Written by John Johnston on 26 April 2019 in Diary

Boris Johnson accepted a helicopter ride from a Tory donor who described Theresa May as a "mad cow".

Boris Johnson may not be Theresa May's biggest fan, but even he may have balked at comments made by property developer Marc Pennick, who coughed up over £4000 to fly Mr Johnson to a party fundraising dinner earlier this month.

Perhaps the hors d'oeuvres weren't up to the wealthy donors usual standards given that only three days after the event he tweeted: "Tory MP's & Minister (sic) are bloody cowards. Your actions will be dealt with by your members who do your daily running around. You've let this mad cow with her advisors pull your pants down. You deserve to lose by a very clever Jeremy Corbyn. Amateurs...."
Mr Pennick and Mr Johnson were joined by Tory MP Simon Clarke in the helicopter flight from London to Teeside earlier this month to attend a knees-up for the 2020 Tees Valley Mayoral Campaign, according to the latest MPs register of interests.


But it was not the first time the Tory donor had taken to social media to vent his fury at those working in SE1 - only a month earlier he had branded Theresa May's closest adviser, Gavin Barwell, a "total shit". Adding: "Your days are number."

In a separate tweet he gave Nick Boles the coveted title of the "biggest shit in Westminster". Also accusing the Common Market 2.0 architect of being a "childish tit".

Incredibly, the Tory donor seems to be more infuriated with the actions of his own party than those of the opposition, but he did find the time in February to call Jeremy Corbyn a "twat".

"I don't normally use horrible words on Corbyn," he confessed. "However.....Twat!! that's why he won't ever get the keys to No10. Always supports people trying to blow this country up."

At least Mr Johnson can take solace that he is no longer responsible for maintaining the entente cordial considering the likely impact of French President Emmanuel Macron discovering the top Tory had shared a dawn ride with a man who'd described him as a "little granny loving midget".



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